Building A Spirit of Place

Building a Spirit of Place is a community development and beautification project supported by the members of our community, businesses and civic organizations.  We seek to enhance the appearance of Keene while building a sense of pride and community spirit, thereby improving the environmental, economic, and social well-being of our city and its neighborhoods for today and tomorrow.

Building a Spirit of Place embraces the proposition that citizens can create and shape the communities in which they live.  It does this by challenging organizations and individuals to enhace the appearance of their community, while building a sense of involvement and civic pride.

It is our vision that Keene will be considered the best community in America by 2028.  We envision a strong, just and resilient city where the health and well-being of Keene and the people who live, play, study and work here are nourished and supported.  We visualize a community where our residents work together and participate in meaningful civic life.  Building a Spirit of Place fosters pride and awareness as we wrok together for the greater good of our city and increases the quality of life for those who call Keene home.

What does it take to deepen the value and appeal of Keene, while awakening community pride?  There are many ways to become involved.  Everyone can do something.  What can you, your business or civic organization do to help enhance Keene and build a Spirit of Place?  Volunteer, donate, spread the word - get involved!

Enriching and Sustaining Pride in Keene