Current Use / Timber Tax


The following information is designed to provide a brief overview of what a property owner must do to avoid a violation of the Current Use and/or Timber Harvesting Tax Law.

If there is any question on whether or not a particular activity is outside of the rules governing Current Use or Timber Tax Law, the property owner is encouraged to contact the City of Keene, Department of Assessment at 352-2125.

If you own property in the City of Keene that is presently enrolled in the CURRENT USE program and wish to improve that property, it may be subject to a “Land Use Change Tax”. If you require verification of the amount of land you own that is in current use or if you simply want to determine if your land is subject to current use, inquire at the Department of Assessment.

More information regarding the Current Use Law and general current use information is available at:

2013-2014 Current Use Booklet

In accordance with RSA 79, Timber Tax, an “Intent to Cut” application must be completed and submitted to the Department of Assessment before any timber can be cut from any property. The application can be completed by the logger, but must be signed by the owner. The owner is the person required to pay the timber tax. Exceptions to a cut can be made through a review conducted by the Assessing Officials.

The law is very specific in that it allows for the cutting of 10,000 board feet of logs and 20 cords of wood, per tax year, so long as the logs or wood is used for personal use. The logs or wood cannot be sold or even given in lieu of payment for the timber cut. Additionally, for purposes of land conversion, an "Intent to Cut" is not required if less than 10,000 board feet and 20 cords of wood are cut.

The taxpayer is encouraged to contact the Department of Assessment if there is any question regarding these laws. The NH Department of Revenue Administration, 230-5950, can also provide valuable information and advice.