Housing Standards


As our Housing Inspectors are in the field ensuring the health and safety of the citizens of Keene, some common questions have arisen and here are the answers:

    * How many people can live in a single dwelling?
      -There can be only 4 unrelated persons per dwelling (house, or apartment)

    * Where can I park my car on my property?
      -Parking is only allowed on approved (by the City) surfaces (paved, concrete,
      gravel, not dirt) not including walkways and/or sidewalks.
      All required parking has to be onsite and the owner is required to provide this

    * What is a legal access to a parking space?
      -Parking areas are accessed by the curb-cut and driveway, not across sidewalks etc.

    * Why did I get a ticket for litter/trash?
      -You can get a ticket for litter and for trash that is not placed in
      approved receptacles.
      -You can get a ticket for overflowing receptacles including dumpsters.

    * Who is responsible for the maintenance of the building I live in?
      -It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the walks, steps and building
      both inside and out.

    * Can I store unregistered vehicles on my property?
      -No unregistered vehicles shall be parked on any property in excess of fourteen
      -Can I store inoperable vehicles on my property even if they are registered?
      No inoperable vehicles shall be parked on any property in excess of fourteen days.

    * Is there a place online where the minimum requirements for Property and Housing Safety
      Standards can be viewed?

      -The minimum requirements can be found in the City of Keene Zoning Ordinance,
      Chapter 18: Property and Housing Safety Standards at Municode.com at this link:

    * I have more questions that are not addressed here, where can I get information?
      -Any questions or to file a complaint call 603-352-5440; or use our online form here