Operations Division

The City of Keene Fire Departments Operations Division provides Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Service, Technical Rescue Response, and Hazardous Material Response to the City of Keene and surrounding communities through the Southwestern New Hampshire Fire Mutual Aid System.

The goals of the operations division includes maintaining balance of our challenges, focusing on our tasks and motivation. We work to provide the highest level of service through dedication, accountability, competency, and by providing the firefighters the best equipment available. We do this while maintaining the highest level of safety for our members and the community we serve.

The staffing of the Operations Division consists of four shifts, (A,B,C,D) with one Captain per shift, serving as commander of the shift. There are two Lieutenants and seven firefighter/EMT's per shift.

The Career Personnel are supported by a paid Call Company Force consisting of an additional twenty-five officers and firefighters.

The Operations Personnel operate out the Central Station, located at 31 Vernon Street, and Station 2 which is located at 110 Hastings Ave. The Central Station houses 2- Engines, 1- 110' Ladder, 1-Pumper/Tanker, 1-Heavy Rescue, 1-Brush Truck, 1-OHRV Unit (Polaris Ranger), 2-ALS Ambulances, 1- Technical Rescue Reponse Trailer, 1- Rescue Boat, 1- Fire Alarm Bucket Truck, 1 - Fire Prevention Vehicle and 3 - Command Units. Station 2 houses a 75'Quint, 1- ALS Ambulance, 1- Brush Unit, 1 - Haz-Mat Response Trailer and a 1953 Ahrens Fox (Keene Engine 2).

The City is broken down into two response districts. District one, which Central Station handles, covers from the eastside of Route 12 to the bordering towns. District two, which is handled by Station Two, is everything west of route 12 to the bordering towns. Although each station has a primary response area it is not uncommon throughout the day that both stations be assigned to incidents together to provide needed resources, equipment or personnel. Note: The City of Keene also provides Fire Protection to the Town of Roxbury along with contract ambulance service which is also provided to the towns of Chesterfield, Nelson, Spofford, Surry, Sullivan, Westmoreland. We also provide ALS Intercept Response to surrounding communities by contract.

In 2013 the City of Keene Fire Department responded to 4,126 emergency calls. Of these, 1,193 were classified as Fire/Rescue/Haz-Mat responses and 2,933 were classified as EMS. The department responded to 69 incidents that were classified as a first alarm or greater fire. There were a total of 6,477 unit responses.