Adopt a Park Program

Have you ever visited a park or playground in Keene and viewed the litter or abuse left behind by thoughtless users?  Have you ever sat in a park and imagined how some trimming here or planting there would make the area more attractive?adopt a park
If you have had these or similar experiences, here is the chance to step up and help make a difference.  In an effort to improve the park experience in Keene, the Keene Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department has created an opportunity for local organizations to become involved in the care and appearance of the public parks.  The program is called Adopt-A-Park.
The Adopt-A-Park program brings a variety of organizations together with the Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department to help maintain the appearance of public parks.  The program has three main thrusts:
One is to bring a body of volunteers on to give a park a spring and fall cleanup. The second is to encourage the adopting organization's members to visit the park periodically and help keep it clean. The third is to encourage each organization to give the park a personal touch such as flowering plants and prunings.The Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department will provide trash bags, tools or paint when needed and pick-up the brush and trash after a cleanup.
If this program strikes a chord with you, call to learn more about how it can work.  Contact Andy Bohannon, Director, Keene Parks, Recreation and CemeteriesDepartment, 603-357-9829.  This is an opportunity for community-minded groups to put their ideas and bodies in motion for the benefit of all.