Youth Basketball 2016
Youth Volleyball 2016

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Here what families are saying about our youth programs!

Youth Basketball
"The K-1 experience with basketball has been one of the best sports experiences for our son. With the involvement of the Keene High Basketball team, no child is ever just standing around loosing interest. They are moving constantly and learning from kids they can look up to! Very impressed with this program. My 5 year old son said Basketball is the "funnest" sport he has every played!" -Tara Bemis

"Our experience with the basketball program was great. My daughter looked forward to her practices and games each week. The schedule is very reasonable. The coach was attentive to her skill level and helped her along the way." -Valery Curtis

"KPRD continues to offer quality sport experiences for kids of all ages at affordable rates. We are thankful for our children's ability to actively participate in the sports programs they love (and we enjoy watching)." - Hennessey Family

Youth Soccer
4-6 Division Parent:
"Soccer is my son's favorite sport, and I've watched him learn and grow into a soccer player from kindergarten through 5th grade playing rec soccer. We're lucky to have such a well organized and affordable league"

K-1 Division Parent:
"My son is 5 and is normally very shy in new situations. As soon as he gets to the park, he's a different kid! His coaches, JJ and Adrienne made him feel comfortable, encouraged him and worked with him and the team on the areas they needed to improve. The kids worked together, were kind to one another on both sides of the field and in general built a solid foundation on which to build their soccer "goals" from!"

2-3 Division Parent:
"Both of my children have started in the youth soccer program and have learned a lot about being a part of a team and the basic fundamentals of the sport. My son aged out of the program and went to the middle school soccer league with confidence. My daughter still participates in the youth program and every year we see her build more confidence in herself and in the sport! The league is affordable and great for the kids!"

Youth Flag Football
4-6 Division Parent:

"This is my son's second year playing flag football and he really enjoys it. It is a great way to learn the game in a safe way, and see a lot of his friends at the same time. He will be playing again next year!  Thanks so much for this great program."

K-1 Division Parent:
"I would say that this has been a very positive experience.  My son has gained skill and confidence.  He is learning to listen and focus. The coaches have done a great job keeping him focused and excited by changing up the drills and understanding the different learning styles of each participant and working with them on improvement.  As my child is in Kindergarten, it's great to see him get excited about practices and games."

For more information please contact Meghan Spaulding at 357-9829.