Community Snapshot

This section provides a brief overview of major statistics and trends for the City of Keene. It is meant to provide a snapshot of the current state of the community. As the plan is implemented, some of this information will be useful to measure success. The full baseline document can be found on the city’s website.

Keene is a vibrant community, the hub of activity in southwestern New Hampshire. The city’s population has grown slowly but steadily since 1970. This growth rate is expected to continue in subsequent years; by 2030, Keene’s population will be approximately 25,220. Cheshire County has been growing at a faster rate than Keene, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue through 2030. As the hub of the region, Keene provides services, programs and resources for a much greater population than the residents of the city alone. This responsibility places great importance on Keene as a regional provider. It also adds stress on systems and programs that are designed to serve a smaller population and on the Keene taxpayers that are asked to provide regional services.