The people of Keene and the Monadnock Region are givers. Whether businesses contribute to local non-profits or citizens are volunteering their time to various organizations, Keene’s ethic of philanthropy and volunteerism is strong. According to Vision 2020, the county’s overall level of corporate giving to non-profits has remained stable, despite current economic conditions. Vision 2020 also indicates that businesses within the City of Keene have increased their giving slightly, while the reverse is true in giving from businesses in the surrounding towns.

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation reports that in 2008, donors in the region contributed more than $600,000 and that the Foundation itself distributed close to $2 million in grants and scholarships throughout the communities of the region. The breadth of the charitable projects in the region and the high level of commitment to giving indicate a strong community connection and sense of caring by citizens, which in turn sustains a high quality of life and makes Keene unique compared to other communities in New Hampshire and across the country.