Signage & Wayfinding

Advertising and commercial uses aside, signs act as a navigational system for people finding their way around Keene. Signage in Keene should adhere to the community goal of being a charming, small New England town.

Signage should be clear, attractive and apparent, but not overwhelming. Pedestrian-scaled signage that is part of a formal wayfinding system should be encouraged in the downtown core to help people find their way around downtown and to side-street businesses. Sign materials should be complementary and consistent with the area's architecture.

As part of a comprehensive revision resulting from this master plan, land-use regulations dealing with signs should strive to allow individual expression and adequate advertising for businesses. This should be balanced with the goal of maintaining the charm of downtown.

An effective wayfinding system should be developed that allows people to find shops, trail linkages and other points of interest within the community. This system should be consistent in design and clear in purpose. Collaboration with local artists, health, cultural and historical organizations to create this program should be considered.