Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials reduce the negative environmental and economic impacts of their manufacture and transport. Lumber from managed forests is considered more sustainable than lumber from virgin forest. Locally harvested lumber is considered more sustainable than lumber from outside the region. The nature of the material, its longevity, and the way it is made, packaged, and transported all contribute to its overall level of sustainability. It should be a priority to use the most sustainable materials and resources whenever possible, in both public and private projects.

Recycled/Reclaimed Materials

Use of recycled materials should also be a high priority for development in the community. Recycled and reclaimed materials are those that have been previously used. They may be directly reused, or they may be new material that includes reprocessed components. Bricks and large timbers are often reused directly in other projects, while park benches or bollards can be made from reprocessed plastics.