Trails and Bicycle Pathways

Trails provide the opportunity for passive and active recreation while also providing alternatives to driving by connecting neighborhoods to parks, open spaces and Keene’s downtown. Keene has worked hard to create the excellent trail system it has today. To continue to expand the network and fill in gaps, the following recommendations from the City’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Path Advisory Committee should be implemented:

New Bicycle Paths

  • Roundhouse T connector from School Street to Island Street
  • Route 12 North Connector
  • Cheshire Rail Trail North (Whitcomb Mill Road to Stone Wall Farm)
  • Cheshire Rail Trail South (Eastern Avenue out toward Route 101)

New or Expanded Bicycle Lanes

  • Washington Street (Central Square to Route 9)
  • Marlboro Street – Optical Avenue – Route 101
  • Wheelock Park Road (Park Avenue to Appel Way Trail)
  • Summit Road (Maple Avenue to New YMCA)
  • Upper Court Street (Hospital Roundabout to Hastings Avenue)
  • Upper Washington Street (end of '09 improvements to Old Concord Rd.)
  • Base Hill Road (State Route 9 West to Swanzey Town Line)
  • State Route 10 South (Winchester Street Roundabout to Swanzey)
  • State Route 12 South aka. Lower Main Street (101 Bypass to Swanzey)

Highway Improvements/Share the Road

  • Arch Street (Park Avenue to Old Chesterfield Road)
  • Base Hill Road
  • Bradford Road
  • Court Street (Central Square to Roundabout)
  • Chapman Road
  • Concord Road (to Jordan Road)
  • Eastern Avenue
  • Felt Road
  • Hastings Avenue
  • Hurricane Road
  • Island Street
  • Jordan Road
  • Key Road
  • (North and South) Lincoln Street
  • Main Street (Central Square to 101 Bypass)
  • Meadow Road
  • Old Walpole Road
  • Park Avenue
  • Roxbury Road (Jordan Road to Chapman Road)
  • Roxbury Street (Central Square to North/South Lincoln Street)
  • Rule Street
  • Whitcomb Mill Road
  • West Street (bike path outlet to West Hill Road)
  • Winchester Street (Main Street Roundabout to 101 Bypass Roundabout