Regional Gateways

As Keene and southwest New Hampshire grow, the need for convenient access to markets within and outside the region will grow as well. Currently, four primary regionwide transportation gateways connect Keene to the rest of the world:

  • NH Route 9 from the west and east
  • NH Route 101 from the east
  • NH Route 10 from the north and south
  • NH Route 12 from the north and south

These gateways, like many of the former railroads, all converge in Keene forming a bypass system around the central core. Traffic from Vermont, Massachusetts and other parts of New England must travel through Keene and southwest New Hampshire along these highways to access other areas and communities. Keeping the rural character of these gateways is important to the community; they provide the first experience visitors have with the community, and visitors consistently comment on the beauty of the views when first entering the community. More information on gateway development can be found in the land-use section of this plan.