Throughout the visioning and master planning process, a goal that arose time and time again was that of achieving a high level of connectivity between where people live, work and play. The community recognizes that a true community is created when people can meet and relate to each other in public spaces, which is more likely to happen in a place that has a compact mix of connected activities.

As Keene changes over time and infill development occurs throughout the community, great care should be taken to ensure that related uses and projects are combined or located near each other, within the quarter-mile radius commonly used to verify community walkability. Creating compact development in and near existing developed areas will encourage community interaction and enhance the viability and sustainability of adjacent businesses and civic services.

It is imperative that Keene work to alleviate connectivity gaps in the existing sidewalk network, as well as in trails, greenways, crosswalks, bicycle lanes, and other bicycle and pedestrian facilities.