How to Use the Plan

Wherever possible, this plan addresses the region as a whole, recognizing that the community's overall success is connected to its location within the heart of the Monadnock Region, and initiatives undertaken by Keene will also contribute to a sustainable county and region.

Without excluding other possible uses, this plan is intended to serve as:

  1. A basis for regulatory actions: The plan is the foundation for the zoning and land use regulations and the zoning map, as well as the basis for changes or other decisions made relating to these regulations.
  2. A basis for community programs and decision-making: The plan is a guide and resource for recommendations in the capital improvement program, for the operating budget, for community development initiatives, for informing changes to regulations, standards, policies and processes, and for direction and content of other local or regional initiatives, such as water protection, infrastructure improvements, or housing.
  3. A source for planning studies: Few plans can, or do, address every issue in sufficient detail. However, the plan can identify specific needs and recommend further study or effort to address those needs through specific courses of action (e.g., neighborhood plans).
  4. A standard for review at the county and state level: Other regulatory processes can use the master plan as a reference in review of applications or in the development of regional plans or intermunicipal programs (e.g., regional trail network; issuance of state permits).
  5. A source of information: The plan is a valuable source of information for the general public, developers, businesses, citizens, the Planning Board, City Council and other local boards and commissions. It is anticipated that community stakeholders and interested investors will use this plan to help guide their organizational or project goals.
  6. A long-term guide: The plan can assist in evaluating public and private proposals that affect the community's physical, social, economic and environmental characteristics.