Land Use Code Update Project

On Dec. 15th at 7:00 p.m. there will be a presentation by Town Planning Urban Design Collaborative before City Council on their Phase I findings and recommendations  
Location: Council Chambers on the 2nd Floor of City Hall


In summer of 2016, the City of Keene launched the Land Use Code Update Project, which aims to modernize the City’s land use and development regulations.  This multi-phase initiative, which was identified as the top implementation strategy in the 2010 Comprehensive Master Plan, will have a significant impact on how Keene looks and feels, now and into the future. 

The City is working with the consulting firm, Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative LLC, and an Ad Hoc Committee appointed by the Mayor on the first phase of this effort, which involves: evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of Keene’s current zoning and land use regulations with respect to the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Master Plan and from community input; eeviewing alternative and innovative approaches to zoning; and, providing the City with the tools neeed to conduct a comprehensive update/revision to existing land use regulations.

The work of this first phase will focus direction and set the foundation for conducting a comprehensive update/revision of our land use regulations. 

More information about this project is included via the links below. 

Why is this project important for Keene?
Phase I Scope of Work and Schedule* (Please note: The schedule is subject to change*)
Ad Hoc Committee (aka Think Tank) 
Keene Zoning Ordinance and Municipal Code

*Dates of future Steering Committee / Think Tank meetings will be posted on the City calendar of events and homepage.

To receive email updates on this project, and/or for additional information, please contact:

Tara Kessler, Planner
phone: (603) 352-5474