Field Operations Division

The Field Operations Division holds primary responsibility for

  • Enforcing laws and investigating crimes.
  • Intergration of community policing concepts into the patrol Division with the concept that every sworn Officer is a Community Policing officer.
  • Being prepared to respond to tactical emergencies and disasters.
  • And such other duties as may be necessary to assure to assure the department accomplishes its mission.

 Major Sub-Units and Primary Tasks

Commanding Officer

  • Compliance with the Departments Mission Statement
  • Coordination of Bureau Leadership
  • Budget

Bureau of Patrol

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Accident Investigations
  • Animal Control
  • Canine Program
  • College Liasion Officer
  • Directed Patrol
  • Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Outside Detail Management

Bureau of Criminal Investigation

  • Background Investigations
  • Crime Analysis
  • Criminal Investigations of Serious Crimes
  • Child Abuse & Exploitation
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Drug Investigations
  • Photography/Imagery/Video
  • Polygraph Services
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Juvenile Operations/Prosecution
  • Juvenile Records Management

Division Leadership

Captain Steven Stewart, Commanding Officer Field Operations Division
Lieutenant Maxfield, Supervisor Bureau of Patrol
Lieutenant Steven Tenney, Jr., Supervisor Bureau of Patrol
Lieutenant Jason Short , Supervisor Bureau of Patrol
Sergeant TJ Derendal, Supervisor Bureau of Patrol
Sergeant Benjamin Nugent, Supervisor Bureau of Patrol
Sergeant Chris Simonds, Supervisor Bureau of Patrol
Sergeant James Cemorelis, Supervisor Bureau of Patrol
Lieutenant/Detective James McLaughlin, Supervisor Bureau of Criminal Investigations