Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division holds primary responsibility for

  • Prosecuting cases in court. 
  • Overseeing downtown public parking facilities and operations. 
  • Providing animal control services. 
  • Educating the community in the law, how to avoid crime, and how to reduce and prevent crime 
  • Providing administrative services, and material support to the Field Operations Division by recruiting, training and equipping police officers 
  • Other duties as may be necessary to assure the department accomplishes its mission

Major Sub-Units and Primary Tasks 

Commanding Officer

  • Accreditation  
  • Budget
  • Grants Management 
  • Information Technology 
  • Promotional Process Administration  
  • Recruitment and Selection  
  • Training Management  
  • Workers Compensation Claims 

Bureau of Special Services

  • AFIS 
  • Animal Control
  • Administrative Fingerprinting  
  • Community Service Representative  
  • Equipment Inventory 
  • School Safety Patrol 
  • School Crossing Guards 
  • Traffic Safety and Enforcement 
  • KARES 
  • Property/Evidence Management  
  • Traffic Signals  
  • Uniform and Equipment Issues  
  • Wrecker Services  

Bureau of Parking

  • Parking Enforcement
  • Space Rental
  • Parking Meter Repair
  • Ticket Processing

Bureau of Prosecution

  • Violation and Misdemeanor Trials
  • Felony Probable Cause Hearings

Bureau of Records 

  • Alarms
  • Administrative Support for Prosecutor
  • Purchasing
  • Record Management
  • UCR/NIBRS Management

Division Leadership

Captain Steven Russo, Commanding Officer Administrative Services

Lieutenant Shane Maxfield, Supervisor of the Bureau of Special Services

Sergeant Jason Short, District Court Prosecutor, Bureau of Prosecution

Parking Enforcement Supervisor Ginger Hill

Office Manager Diane Theall, Supervisor of the Bureau of Records