Crime Statistics


The Keene, NH Police Department utilizes crime reporting software which collects data compliant with the standards established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) in the development of the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

The NIBRS system records detailed information about 22 serious, or “Group A” offenses, and arrest information only on 11 less serious, or “Group B” offenses. The Department submits data on these offenses to the state on a monthly basis. The data is in digital format.

From this page you may access general monthly numbers of offenses reported to the Keene Police Department during that particular month. As you review this material you should be aware of the following features of the NIBRS system.

  • NIBRS collects data from every state and territory of the United States as well as federal reservations and the District of Columbia. To avoid distortions created by different laws in different states NIBRS uses its own terms and definitions and state offenses are fitted in. This may occasionally create a difference between crimes reported as per NIBRS and crimes reported consistent with our state law.
  • Arrests made during a month do not necessarily relate to offenses reported during the same month.
  • In any incident where more than one crime is reported only the most serious crime is recorded.

For instance if a person is charged with a misdemeanor assault, a violation criminal trespass, and a violation unlawful possession of alcohol, only the assault is counted. This can lead to underreporting of lesser offenses.

Archive reports can be found here.

NIBRS January 2011 NIBRS January 2012 NIBRS January 2013
NIBRS February 2011  NIBRS February 2012  NIBRS February 2013
NIBRS March 2011 NIBRS March 2012  NIBRS March 2013
NIBRS April 2011 NIBRS April 2012  NIBRS April 2013
NIBRS May 2011 NIBRS May 2012  NIBRS May 2013
NIBRS June 2011 NIBRS June 2012  NIBRS June 2013
NIBRS July 2011  NIBRS July 2012  NIBRS July 2013
NIBRS August 2011  NIBRS August 2012  NIBRS August 2013
NIBRS September 2011  NIBRS September 2012  NIBRS September 2013
NIBRS October 2011  NIBRS October 2012  NIBRS October 2013
NIBRS November 2011  NIBRS November 2012  NIBRS November 2013
NIBRS December 2011  NIBRS December 2012  NIBRS December 2013