KPD Permits & Forms

City Code, Division 2, Section 34-55, makes it unlawful for any person to use or maintain an alarm system which would trigger a police response, without first obtaining an alarm permit from the Police Department.  There is no fee for the alarm permit, and it will routinely be issued on receipt of a completed application form.  However, using or maintaining an alarm system without a permit is punishable by a $100.00 fine.

The City Code, Section 34-57,further provides that, after the first three false alarms in a calendar year, penalties are assessed at the rate of $45.00 per alarm from the 4th to 10th false alarm; and $75.00 per alarm from the 11th to 20th false alarm; and $150 for the 21st and all successive alarms in a calendar year.

The purpose of this regulation is to (1) attempt to reduce or eliminate the demand on public resources to respond to false alarms, and (2) to ensure that the Police Department has complete information to respond in a safe and effective way and contact appropriate people after hours or when homeowners are on vacation.

Your prompt return of this application is greatly appreciated and will help assure we will be able to provide a higher level of service when you need us.

Alarm Permit Please print and complete this form and return it to the Keene Police Department, 400 Marlboro Street, Keene NH 03431 ATTN: Records

License to carry a concealed/loaded pistol/revolver for Keene residents only. Please complete this form and return it to the Keene Police Department, 400 Marlboro Street, Keene NH 03431 ATTN: Investigations


Motor Vehicle Accident Reports:

April 20, 2017 Change to Release of Accident Reports to the Public

 Due to a recent policy change occurring at the Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles, (DMV), effective immediately Uniform Traffic Accident Reports will no longer be issued by the Keene Police Department to the public, attorneys, or insurance companies.

A recent decision from the DMV has prompted this change. The reports, and the information contained therein has been deemed proprietary by the DMV and we are not authorized to release the report or any of the information to you, your attorney, or your insurance company.

If you have an accident and you, your attorney, or your insurance company need a copy of the report; you, your attorney, or your insurance company must contact the NH DMV for copies of the accident report.

For more information please call DMV headquarters at (603) 227-4040.

Please use the below DMV link for the necessary DMV form needed to request DMV records.

The Emergency Contacts Form is used for local businesses to register with the Keene Police Department those employees the business wishes to be contacted in an emergency during non-business hours. To be sure that the Keene Police Department has the most current and updated information, businesses should complete and submit a new form each time the contact list changes. Please print and complete this form and return it to the Keene Police Department, 400 Marlboro Street, Keene NH 03431 

In conjunction with the Monadnock Voices for Prevention program, the Keene Police Department has initiated a Parental House Check Form.  This form notifies the Keene Police Department that you, a parent or guardian, will be out of town and that children under the age of 21 remain in the home during your absence. Please refer to our on-line form for further information on its use. 

If you have any questions regarding any of these forms, please contact the Keene Police Department at (603) 357-9815.