Winter Operations

Winter Operations is a major responsibility for the Highway Division. The Division strives to provide the safest travelable roads for the public. These statistics relate to the Divisions Winter Operations:

  • Plow and treat 126 miles of roadways.
  • Plow and sand 52 miles of sidewalks. 
  • 18 Street plow routes.
  • 5 Sidewalk plow routes.
  • 2 Parking lot plow routes.
  • 1 Main Street route.
  • Average time per one pass around street plow routes is 7 hours.
  • Average time per one time pass around sidewalk routes is 8 hours using plows.
  • Average time per one pass around sidewalk routes using snow blowers is 12 hours.
  • Each plow route has been mapped out to clear the roads efficiently and effectively.

Weather events are managed on an individual basis, being no two storms are identical. The Public Works Department subscribes to a weather service that identifies the Keene area as well as using NOAH, local media and weather sites to monitor changes in temperature, accumulation amounts and precipitation. As mentioned earlier, each weather event is managed differently.  The division has a plan for each and every event. Some variables that may alter our initial strategy are:  snow turning to freezing rain, change in accumulation, change in rate of accumulation, fluctuation in temperatures. Customers may be concerned as to why it took so long for the “plow guy” to plow my street. There are many reasons that can effect our response time.  The following are a few examples: volume of traffic on the roadways, road conditions, equipment failure, time of the storm and responding for other emergency incidents.