Heritage Commission

Mission Statement

The Keene Heritage Commission is an advisory and review commission of the City of Keene which is responsible for inventorying, promoting and actively seeking protection and preservation of all Keene resources which are valued for their historic, cultural, aesthetic, archeological and community significance. 

The Keene Heritage Commission:

  • Conducts research, publishes findings and promotes the establishment of historic districts within the City of Keene.
  • Assists the Keene Planning Board in the development of sections of the master plan, development standards, and regulations that address cultural and historic resources.
  • Consults and coordinates activities with other boards and commissions as well as local service and nonprofit groups to achieve common preservation goals.
  • Publicizes the need for the benefits of protecting and preserving Keene's cultural and historic resources.

Members of the Commission are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Keene City Council.

Commissions Working Together:

The Heritage Commission works closely with Keene's Historic District Commission by researching historic homes and buildings and by recommending areas for historic preservation. The Heritage Commission assists in the creation of an "Area Inventory Form," which provides a summary of the history of a site and any features of historic significance. These are the basis for establishing a Historic District and are submitted to the NH Division of Historic Resources.

Once an area receives official Historic District designation, the Historic District Commission works with city officials to develop standards for the compatibility of new construction and renovations to existing buildings and sites within the Historic District.

View our "Preserving Our Heritage" web page here.

View the Area Inventory Form completed by the Heritage Commission for the proposed Main Street Historic District here.


1. Susan D’Egidio, Term expires December 31, 2015
2. Chair,
Louise Zerba, Term expired December 31, 2012

3. George Foskett, Term expires December 31, 2016

4. Vice-Chair, Katherine Snow, Term expires December 31, 2017 
5. Councilor Terry Clark,  Term expires December 31, 2015
6.  John Bemis, Term expires December 31, 2015
7.  Jane Reynolds, Term expires December 31, 2014
8.  Ardis Osborne, alternate, Term expires December 31, 2014
9.  Rose Carey, alternate, Term expires December 31, 2016

10. Vacancy, alternate 
11. Vacancy, alternate
12.  Vacancy, alternate

Last updated 3/26/2015

Board Contact Info

 For further information contact the Planning Department at 603-352-5474.

Schedule: meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every other month
at 4:00 PM in the Library Trustees Room*

*Meeting dates are subject to change

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