Martin Luther King / Jonathan Daniels Committee

Mission Statement

Created to celebrate and memorialize the lives of Martin Luther King, Jonathan Daniels and the principles of civil equality and multiculturalism for which they stood. Educates the general population about the lives of these individuals and the principles of equality and non-violence to which they dedicated their lives.


1. Derek Scalia, Term expires Dec. 31, 2017
2. William Hay, Term expires Dec. 31, 2015
3. Ella MacDonald, Term expires Dec. 31, 2015
4. Jennifer Carroll, Term expires Dec. 31, 2017
5. Dottie Morris, Term expires Dec. 31, 2017
6. Mandy Slate, Term expires Dec. 31, 2016
7. Karen Chabot, Term expires Dec. 31, 2015
8. Yves Pacifique Gakunde, Term expires Dec. 31, 2017
9. Melanie Everard, Term expires Dec. 31, 2015
10. Emily P. Hague, Council liaison, Term expires Dec. 31, 2015

Last updated: 03/19/2015

Board Contact Info

For further information contact Andy Bohannon, Parks and Recreation Director at 357-9829

Schedule: meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month
at 5:00 PM in the Library Trustees Room* 

*Meeting dates are subject to change

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The Martin Luther King/Jonathan Daniels Committee maintains a a portion of this website containing study questions and historical information as well as upcoming events relating to Jonathan Daniels.