Ingersoll Display Cabinets

Caroline IngersollThe Keene City Clerk's Office is privileged to be the repository for a collection of artifacts belonging to the Ingersoll Family.  Ms. Caroline Ingersoll donated the Ingersoll Collection to the City of Keene in 1898, with the understanding that the items would be kept in perpetuity and periodically displayed for the enjoyment of the public. Caroline was the last member of this long-standing Keene family and her collection brings to mind the wonderful history upon which Keene is based. Pieces of the collection include signed documents by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  In addition to the Ingersoll Collection, the City also displays other historical documents, photographs, and historical items for public viewing in the City Hall Lobby.  These items come to the City through partnerships with local residents, businesses, and the Historical Society of Cheshire County. 

Ingersoll Table Tapestry Personal Items
The Ingersoll Table
Decorated in Decoupage by Harriet Ingersoll
The First Landing of Christopher Columbus tapestry
by Harriet Ingersoll
Personal items belonging to the Ingersoll Family