Ward Two Councilors

Click here to email the City Council members.  All electronic communications and associated attachments exchanged with the Keene City Council shall be recorded by the City as a governmental record and may be subject to release to the public under RSA 91-A. (Terms expire on December 31 of ending year.)

Mitchell H. Greenwald
Councilor Ward 2 - 2014 to 2017
Chair: Finance, Organization and Personnel Committee
Address: 55 Main St.
Phone: 352-5483
Email: mgreenwald@ci.keene.nh.us

Bettina A. Chadbourne
Councilor Ward 2 - 2012 to 2015
Member: Planning, Licenses and Development Committee
Address: 31 High St.
Phone: 357-2601
Email: bchadbourne@ci.keene.nh.us