City Manager

John A. MacLean

3 Washington Street
Keene NH 03431-3191
Phone: (603) 357-9804

Welcome to the City Manager's Office web page.   Keene's City Manager is John A. MacLean, who joined the City of Keene in August of 1995.  He is supported by the Assistant City Manager/Health Director, Medard Kopczynski; Assistant City Manager/Human Resources Director, Elizabeth Fox; and Assistant City Manager/IT Director Rebecca Landry.  Helen Mattson serves as Administrative Assistant.


The City Council appoints the Manager to serve as the chief executive officer of the city.  Keene's City Charter, which defines the powers the citizens agree to give their city government and how the government is structured, and specifies the responsibilities of the City Manager.  Under the Mayor/Council/Manager form of government adopted by Keene, the Mayor and Council establish policies for operations within the city, and it is the Manager's responsibility to ensure these policies are carried out.  In general, the position supervises all property and business affairs of the city and oversees expenditure of all funds appropriated for city purposes.

How He Feels About Keene

John MacLean feels that it is exciting to be in Keene right now.

"Keene and the Monadnock Region represent the best New Hampshire has to offer...  what makes us proud...  what makes our community tick...  people who take pride in their city and neighborhoods...  people who give back through volunteerism, community service and sharing of their wealth and talent."

Sustaining Keene's Quality of Life

As he told the Keene Rotary Club,  "The more things change, the more they stay the same!  It has been more than six years since the city last took the pulse of its citizenry.  Our purpose and direction come from community surveys, community visioning and community goals...  Direction that has seen tremendous progress in expanding Keene's tax base, creating jobs and attracting investment to our community...  Direction that has sparked many quality of life issues...  New parks, multi-use trails, airport development, and downtown redevelopment.  Now, it's time to pause for just a second and listen once again.  Do our community goals continue to mirror our needs?  And can Keene sustain itself for generations to come?"

As reported to City Council, John supports the definition of sustainability as follows:

"Sustainability can be defined as that which promotes a mutually supportive and dynamic balance among the economy, ecology and social equity of our region.  The next ten years will be characterized by continued and unprecedented demand for development.  Will this demand work for us?  That is our challenge.  Keene must find its own unique brand of that which is sustainable...  That which will enable us to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

"We anticipate a great effort to be made in the near future, wherein people from throughout Keene and, perhaps to some lesser extent, the region will be asked to help reshape our community goals.  The process will be directed by a steering committee and will include neighborhood focus sessions.  It will take a year to complete and will be instrumental to all strategic planning to follow."

Upcoming Projects

Some of the many and varied issues and future projects the City Manager expects will continue to involve his time in the near future include:

· Keene/Swanzey bypass project
· Emergency Services Facility and Elm Street parking needs
· Black Brook development
· Downtown railroad land development
· Brownfields site development
· Cable television franchise agreement
· Bike paths, outdoor basketball courts, and an ice rink
· Airport activities
· City infrastructure- streets, sidewalks, water system, wastewater disposal, storm water drainage, and solid waste disposal...

and the list goes on. The challenge continues to be to do all of the above even better while keeping the cost of doing city business affordable.

Photo courtesy of Keene Sentinel

About the City Manager

John MacLean's previous experience in public service includes serving as a Deputy County Administrator in Sarasota, Florida, and as Manager of communities in Michigan, Vermont, and Florida.  Prior to that, he served in the United States Coast Guard.  A New England native, he and his wife have three grown children.

"As City Manager of Keene, I am fortunate to serve a community that places great value on local ownership, volunteerism and citizen participation.  These attributes have lead to a strong local economy, low unemployment rate, an excellent secondary school system, and an outstanding reputation as a regional center for higher learning.   As the regional hub for businesses, employment opportunities, and social and recreational activities, Keene enjoys a quality life style that is second to none.

"Keene is a City Manager's dream come true--a stable and progressive community that has struck just the right balance between creating a successful living environment and providing for its future through sustainable growth.  Indeed, Keene's strength is in its people and, as City Manager, I am committed to seeing that its city government is up to the challenge of supporting our citizens."

Contact Information

The City Manager's Office is located on the third floor of City Hall at 3 Washington Street, Keene, New Hampshire  03431-3191.  The telephone number is (603)-357-9804. Contact the City Manager and Executive Assistant.