Legislative Review Page - Human Resources/Personnel

Below you will find Legislative House and Senate Bills pertaining to Human Resources related issues. Click on the House or Senate Bill number to go the State of New Hampshire Bill Status page. Also on this page you will find links to view the full text of the bill and docket information.

If the status of a Bill is not listed on our page, it is still in the legislative process and will require that you look to the State site for further information relative to its disposition. Our page will only indicate if the Bill has been adopted or defeated.

Bill Number Description of legislative initiative
HB1122 establishing the crime of filing false lien statements against public officials and employees.
HB1405 prohibiting an employer from using credit history in employment decisions
HB1126 establishing a committee to study alternative public employee retirement plans
HB1152 terminating the benefit program for call, substitute or volunteer firemen administered by the New Hampshire retirement system.
HB1398 allowing the retirement system to make payments in lieu of payments to estates in certain instances
HB1399 relative to the application for a vested deferred retirement allowance in the retirement system
HB1494 relative to administration of the New Hampshire retirement system and authority of the board of trustees
HB1309 making a technical change in the workers' compensation law
HB1499 making changes in the maximum weekly benefit amount of unemployment compensation
HB1403 establishing a state minimum hourly wage
SB229 relative to the use and disclosure of protected health information
HB1368  relative to inquiries into criminal records on employment applications
HB1407 relative to privacy in the workplace
HB1489 establishing a fund to reimburse costs associated with firefighters who have heart, lung, and cancer disease and continually appropriating a special fund
HB1498 relative to wages lost when an employee submits to a medical examination required under workers' compensation law.
HB1561 relative to the classification of temporary emergency workers under unemployment compensation laws
HB1562 relative to the legal holiday status of the state biennial election day