Legislative Review Page - Legal

Below you will find Legislative House and Senate Bills pertaining to Legal related issues. Click on the House or Senate Bill number to go the State of New Hampshire Bill Status page. Also on this page you will find links to view the full text of the bill and docket information.

If the status of a Bill is not listed on our page, it is still in the legislative process and will require that you look to the State site for further information relative to its disposition. Our page will only indicate if the Bill has been adopted or defeated.

Bill Number Description of legislative initiative
HB181 relative to the definition of "meeting" under the right-to-know law
HB182 establishing a committee to study alternative public employee retirement plans
HB227 relative to eminent domin on public lands
HB233 relative to local approval of mining activity
HB263 prohibiting residency restrictions on sex offenders
HB285 relative to discussion with legal counsel under the right-to-know law
HB447 relative to quorums for meetings under the right-to-know law
HB463 relative to state agency communications
HB475 prohibiting the state from engaging in acts of civil forfeiture
HB572 relative to taking land by eminent domain for high pressure gas pipelines and requiring payment of the land use change tax when land is taken by eminent domain to build energy infrastructure
HB606 relative to costs for public records filed electronically
HB633 establishing a right-to-know grievance commission and relative to notice of meetings under the right-to-know law
HB656 relative to inspection of governmental records under the right-to-know law
SB72 relative to confidentiality of police personnel files
SB149 relative to nonpublic sessions under the right-to-know law
SB205 relative to the governor's office and the legislature under the electioneering law
SB243 relative to nonpublic sessions under the right-to-know law
HB1550 permitting the audio and video recording of a public official while in the course of his or her official duties