Legislative Review Page - Police

Below you will find Legislative House and Senate Bills pertaining to Police related issues. Click on the House or Senate Bill number to go the State of New Hampshire Bill Status page. Also on this page you will find links to view the full text of the bill and docket information.

If the status of a Bill is not listed on our page, it is still in the legislative process and will require that you look to the State site for further information relative to its disposition. Our page will only indicate if the Bill has been adopted or defeated.

Bill Number Description of legislative initiative
HB1125 requiring law enforcement officers to return stolen property
HB1153 prohibiting a political subdivision from adopting residency restrictions on sex offenders
HB1229 prohibiting the inclusion of statewide assessment results in a student's transcript without consent
HB1235 relative to stalking
HB1249 providing that persons who provide false or misleading information in an abuse or neglect proceeding shall be guilty of the crime of false swearing
HB1257 relative to revocation or suspension of a driver's license because of physical impairment
HB1308 allowing motorcycles to travel between lanes of traffic in certain instances
HB1309 adding post-traumatic stress disorder to qualifying medical conditions under therapeutic use of cannabis
HB1335 relative to state testing of law enforcement officers for steroid use
HB1353 relative to the notice required of a law enforcement officer prior to making an audio recording of a routine stop
HB1358 regulating engine idling of certain vehicles
HB1402 prohibiting the state and political subdivisions from acquiring military-equipped vehicles or equipment which are not readily available in an open national commercial market
HB1492 regarding individual privacy when law enforcement agencies use body-worn cameras
HB1499 relative to certificates for rabies vaccination of dogs, cats, or ferrets
HB1525 relative to the circumstances that constitute indecent exposure and lewdness
HB1533 relative to noise level limitations for permanent machinery
HB1535 relative to liability for payment of criminal record background checks and drug tests
HB1546 permitting the audio recording of a public servant performing a public function
HB1598 relative to the penalty for driving while intoxicated, third or subsequent offense
HB1603 requiring the registration of drug dealers
HB1606 relative to unlawful sale or possession of alcoholic beverages
HB1619 relative to the use of narcan
HB1621 relative to sanctuary cities
HB1631 relative to penalties for possession of marijuana
HB1632 establishing a criminal penalty for providing a firearm to a person prohibited from possessing a firearm
HB1634 relative to the penalty for possession, use, or sale of fentanyl
HB1668 establishing a registry for persons convicted of heroin-related offenses and requiring registration of heroin offenders
HB1675 relative to the legalization and taxation of marijuana
HB1694 relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana
SB402 relative to procedures related to the disclosure of exculpatory evidence by police officers
SB415 relative to the standard of care for dogs outside
SB471 relative to parking for persons with disabilities