Legislative Review Page - Human Services

Below you will find Legislative House and Senate Bills pertaining to Human Services related issues. Click on the House or Senate Bill number to go the State of New Hampshire Bill Status page. Also on this page you will find links to view the full text of the bill and docket information.

If the status of a Bill is not listed on our page, it is still in the legislative process and will require that you look to the State site for further information relative to its disposition. Our page will only indicate if the Bill has been adopted or defeated.

Bill Number Description of legislative initiative
HB1248 relative to the waiver of counsel in juvenile delinquency proceedings
HB1373 adding 2 alternative treatment centers under the law governing use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes
HB1423 relative to rulemaking for prescribing controlled drugs
HB1490 relative to collaborative practive between pharmacists and health care practitioners
HB1501 relative to qualifying medical conditions for the use of cannabis
HB1512 relative to the definition of "employee" for the purposes of workers' compensation and unemployment compensation
HB1562 allowing counties to establish heroin use prevention and treatment programs
HB1626 relative to drug take-back programs
HB1634 relative to the penalty for possession, use, or sale of fentanyl
HB1648 relative to sales by pharmacists under the controlled drug act
HB1669 establishing a state procedure for conventions to ratify proposed amendments to the United States Constitution
HB1681 relative to hypodermic syringes and needles containing trace amounts of controlled drugs
HB1696 requesting a modification of the New Hampshire health protection program
SB369 requiring public schools to include drug and alcohol education as part of their health education curriculum
SB419 relative to certain changes in the law governing the therapeutic use of cannabis
SB434 relative to prior authorization for prescription medicine
SB435 relative to the reporting of the unauthorized diversion of controlled drugs
SB447 relative to the controlled drug prescription health and safety program and establishing a commission to study Narcan
SB576 relative to the penalty for possession and use of fentanyl-class drugs, insurance coverage for substance use disorders, the acceptance of general funds by the controlled drup prescription health and safety program, the membership of the board of medicine and prescribers of controlled drugs and making an appropriation thereof