Municipal Cemetery Maps

The Keene Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries Department staff is available to help with genealogical research, providing burial locations within the municipal cemeteries.  Below are links to several basic cemetery maps to help orient you in your search.

The specific links below each cemetery name will take you to a map of that section.  should you need more information, please call the Cemetery office at 603-357-9829 between 9 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

 Monadnock View Cemetery

Woodland Northeast Division Cemetery

 Woodland Cemetery

 Greenlawn Cemetery

 North (also known as Chase) Cemetery

 Washington Street Cemetery

 West Cemetery


Greenlawn, Woodland and Woodland NED are separate cemeteries, interconnected geographically.  Frequently, descendents look for an ancestor in one of these when in actuality, the burial is in another.  Here is a sketch of how the three cemeteries are connected.