Proper Disposal of Medical Sharps

Help keep sharps from being thrown loose into the household trash or flushed down the drain. Needle stick injuries are a serious public health risk to family members, home health care providers and sanitation workers. Used needles can carry HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B & C, Tetanus, and other blood borne diseases.

It’s easy to make your own Medical Sharps Container and the labels are already made for you so just click and print.

1-    RE-USE a thick-walled, sturdy plastic container with a tight fitting screw cap, such as an empty recycled detergent bottle.

2-    LABLE the container with one of the labels or write with a permanent magic marker, “Medical Sharps Container. Not for Recycling”.

3-    When the bottle is ¾ full, SEAL the containers cap with duct tape.

4-    DISPOSE of the container into your household trash and not your recycling bin. No sticks no worries.


Click here for Medical Sharps Lables