Roundhouse T Multi-Use

The Roundhouse T Phase 2 Project is known as the “Missing Link” to many local bicycle and pedestrian groups.  In essence, it is the core of the system where three major trails, the Cheshire Rail Trail, the Ashuelot Rail Trail, and Jonathan Daniels Trail converge.  Attention returned to this area with the completion of the North Bridge Multi-Use Overpass Project which now delivers users across the Route 9, 10, 12 Bypass via the Cheshire Rail Trail.

The objective of this Phase 2 project is to connect these three legs of Keene’s rail trail system where they converge in the vicinity of the site of a historic roundhouse, now the Center At Keene Shopping Center.  The three existing legs of the trails lie within the rail rights-of-way that are owned by either the State of NH or the City of Keene.  These publicly owned corridors no longer exist in the vicinity of this project and it is necessary to find a way to connect the three existing trail segments by utilizing City-owned street rights-of-way where they are available and acquiring rights-of-way over privately held properties where necessary.  Several potential routes are being considered. 

In July 2013 NHDOT  informed the City that Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP) funds are available for this Roundhouse T Phase II project with the requirement that the City proceed with the engineering design and that all eligible costs of the project be determined by June 2015.  This essentially requires that the project be substantially complete by that date.

This  TEP agreement between NHDOT and the City of Keene is to provide funding and services for the pedestrian/bicycle improvements project for an amount totaling $731,200 with 80% of that cost coming from Federal Highway funds, such amount being $584,960 and the remaining 20% of that cost coming from the Pathways for Keene ($30,000) and from the City of Keene ($116,240).


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