Parks & Cemeteries

Contact kPrd for all your parks and cemetery needs. 


With the arrival of spring and the nice weather, there is an influx of walkers in the parks and cemeteries.  We ask drivers to take note and adjust your speed accordingly.  Share the roads and parking areas safely!  Reminder to all dog owners – dogs must be leashed in the parks and they are not allowed on the playing fields.  Mutt mitt dispensers are placed in convenient locations to help you keep our parks clean and inviting for all users.

The 9 municipal cemeteries were spruced up for Memorial Day and the summer season.  Lot owners are reminded that artificial flowers are prohibited during the mowing season.  Annuals may be planted along the base of the headstone extending out from the stone approximately 8 inches.  In flat marker sections, baskets may be placed and be of a size that can be moved with one hand.  Please contact the Recreation Center office for an updated handbook or call us at 603-357-9829 with any planting questions.

Sumner Knight Memorial Chapel in Woodland NED Cemetery is available for rental for funeral and memorial services.  Capacity is 150 people; please contact the Recreation Center for more details.