Parks & Cemeteries

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With the mowing season coming to an end, the rules on cemetery lot décor change.  Per the Rules and Regulations booklet (available in the office and online): “Vases, urns, or potted plants may be placed against monuments or on markers for Memorial Day, but must be removed by September 30 of that year.  The Director of Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries Department may at his/her discretion have pots and urns which contain mostly dead flowers removed at any time.  Flowers may be planted and must be placed against the front of the headstone and bedded the exact length of the headstone and may not come out from the headstone more than eight (8) inches.  Artificial flowers are prohibited from April 1 through October 31.”  So, artificial flowers are allowed beginning November 1 throughout the winter.

KPRD buries year- ‘round, (costs are higher December 1 – April 1) and we also offer tomb service at a nominal fee for those who prefer to wait until spring.  Please contact the office at 603-357-9829 with any questions about policies, procedures or general information about the 9 municipal cemeteries.

Sumner Knight Memorial Chapel in Woodland NED Cemetery is available for rental for funeral and memorial services.  Capacity is 150 people; please contact the Recreation Center for more details.