Parks & Cemeteries

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Winter is upon us and ice skating is one the favorite activities. Weather permitting, KPRD maintains skating areas in both Robin Hood and Wheelock Parks. It takes more than a couple days of cold weather to get started making ice. Three sets of temperatures are taken into consideration – air, ground, pavement (at Wheelock rink). Until all are cold enough, no ice can be made. Snow also has an effect on the process - Please pay attention to the thin ice signs – we will take them down as soon as the ice is safe for groups to skate on. The construction at Robin Hood has lowered the level of the pond, and while it refills, the level will have an effect on ice depth and quality.

  As you drive or walk down Beaver Street, do you ever wonder what the stone building next to Woodland Cemetery is used for? It's a tomb, and funeral homes use the space for storage for spring burials. While Keene cemeteries are active year ‘round, many of the cemeteries in area towns close for the winter. Storage space is available for a moderate fee and there are likely to be 10 or more caskets held there during the season.