Climate Change & Adaptation Action in Keene

Keene has a long history of climate action!

The City of Keene has passed both a Climate Action Plan (2004) and a Climate Adaptation Plan (2007), both aimed at recognizing the impact that our community has on climate change and the adaptation actions needed to secure Keene's future in the wake of a changing climate. Links to the plans are at the bottom of this page, which contains additional resources for those interested in learning about Keene's Climate Change Program.

City Council set a reduction goal from greenhouse gas emissions in our community: 10% less emissions in 2015 than in 1995. For City operations, the goal was even higher: a 20% reduction in 1995 emissions by 2015. The Planning Department recently completed a Greenhouse Gas Inventory detailing emissions from municipal operations as well as community sources in 2008. The report can be viewed by clicking here. There will be another inventory after 2015 to see whether the goals set forth by Council have been realized.

Information about ongoing projects can be seen in this brochure

Keene Cities for Climate Protection Committee (CCP)

The CCP Committee was officially created in 2000 by the City Council. The committee’s objective is to aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by assisting the City to implement the adopted climate action plans within the community, as well as to provide public education and outreach and advocate for changes in climate change policy at the State level. 


The image to the right was taken from Confronting Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast: Science, Impact, and Solutions, a 2007 report of the Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment. 

The yellow arrows track what summers are projected to feel like under a lower emissions scenario, while red arrows track projections for a higher emissions scenario. Under the higher emission scenario, by late this century residents of New Hampshire would experience a summer climate more like what occurs today in North Carolina. 

In addition, a recent climate change assessment from the University of New Hampshire shows the rate of change in New Hampshire's climate has increased significantly over the last four decades, with the state getting warmer and wetter. Since 1970, New Hampshire has experienced fewer days with snow cover and earlier "ice-out" dates, an increase in annual precipitation and extreme precipitation events, and increases in both average annual maximum temperatures (by 2 degrees) and average annual minimum temperatures (by 3.2 degrees).

Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

There are many ways that you can reduce your own carbon footprint. Here are just a few to start:
• Drive Less – Bicycle and walk more, or use public transportation.
 Build Green - When building or remodeling, use sustainable materials and practices.
• Buy Local Food - Buying locally produced food reduces the energy required to transport your food and it helps support local farmers and food producers, keeping money in our local economy. Join a Community Support Agriculture (CSA) farm or shop at a local farmers market or food cooperative. For more information:

                       The New Hampshire Farms Network
                       Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in NH
                       Hannah Grimes Localvore Project - Local Food Sources

• Reduce - Avoid purchasing disposable items and products with lots of packaging.
• Reuse - One person's trash is another's treasure. Share your treasures and find some of your own. Check out thrift stores, salvage yards and garage sales.
• Recycle - It really makes a difference. Make the extra effort to rinse out your spaghetti sauce jars, soup cans, and plastic soda bottles.
• Set up a backyard Compost - Composting food waste for the garden helps return valuable nutrients to the soil. The City of Keene recycling center sells compost bins to Keene residents for a discounted price.
• Buy Sustainable Products - Learn about and purchase sustainable products. Check out
Support Sustainable Businesses - visit to find a list of Keene businesses that are members of the 10% Challenge program.


City of Keene Climate Change Action Plan (2004)
City of Keene Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan (2007)
City of Keene Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report (2000)
Climate Adaptation Training for Local Governments

Contact Information

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4th Floor
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