What's a tag and how is the City using tags?

The City is assigning tags to projects to simplify online accessibility to information that may be of interest.  A tag is a unique string of characters that is assigned to a project and included in documents and other online content associated with that project.  For example, the West Street Dam project has been assigned the "weststdamkeene" tag.  This tag will be added to web pages, online video segments, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and other content associated with the West Street Dam project.

How do the tags help ME?

With tags, the content will be discoverable with a simple search string whether on the City web site or a Web search service (Google, Bing, etc.).  This way, no matter what programs and services you prefer to use for research and knowledge sharing (Facebook, blogs, email, etc.), you will be able to discover, group and share City information that has been assigned tags.

The City has partnered with the Keene Sentinel on this tagging intiative to bring together two information repositories that you may find helpful.  Both organizations will be using the same tags for the same projects.  In the West Street Dam example, if you use your favorite search tool to search for "weststdamkeene", both City and Sentinel content will be included in your search results, thus bringing together information that empowers you and others to make informed decisions about current intitiatives.

Can I use the tags, too?

Yes!  As you collaborate with others online to discuss City projects, you are welcome to tag your posts, emails, articles, etc. with the same tags.  For example, if you belong to a Keene neighborhood group, and you have information to share regarding the West Street Dam project on the group's Facebook page, make sure to include "weststdamkeene" in your post.  Your post will then appear in a Web search alongside City and Sentinel tagged content.

If information that affects your community is important to you, these tags are for you!

Current Tags

ASHUELOT RIVER (WEST ST) DAM PROJECT (tag: weststdamkeene) - for information pertaining to possible future actions regarding the Ashuelot Dam on West Street.

Please contact Rebecca Landry, City of Keene IMS Director, with any questions or comments.
phone: (603) 357-9802