Fire Prevention Bureau

Crowd Control Manager Program

This proram is beneficial for any owners, managers and safety officers who have the responsibility of managing buildings with sprinkler and fire alarm systems and/or have evacuation responsibilities: Crowd Control Manager Program

Effective April 2012 the City of Keene adopted the Uniform Fire Code (NFPA 1) and the 2009 Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) as the fire prevention standard for the City of Keene.  Through the adoption process exceptions and amendments to the code have occurred and for your convenience we have provided a link to view the ordinance. (O-2012-04)

Effective February 3, 2011 the City of Keene adopted Ordinance O-2011-02 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors.  This ordinance sets the standard and general requirement for smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation within the City of Keene. 

In addition to updating the fire prevention and fire alarm codes additional permit fees have been adopted and or adjusted by the City of Keene.  The fees are designed to recover the cost of performing inspections, enforcing the fire prevention and fire alarm codes and preparing for responses to hazardous materials incidents.  For our hazardouse materials storage customers; the hazardous materials permits will now be billed and issued on an annual basis instead of the original three year permit.  These permits will be expiring July 1, 2012. 

To better serve our customers we have implemented a few minor changes to our permitting process.  Permits that do not involve the building department such as modification to fire suppression systems, life safety, storage tank and hazardous materials storage will be handled directly through the Fire Department.  To obtain a permit from the Fire Department please forward the completed permit application along with plans (if applicable), and the necessary permit fees (check or money orders only please).  Permits will not be issued and final inspections will not be completed if all fees have not been paid.  Upon completion of work please contact the Fire Prevention Office to schedule a final inspection. 

Major renovations and building plans will continue to require a building permit and the building department will continue to be the place to obtain a permit application and applicable permits.  The Fire Department will continue to work closely with the building department to issue fire prevention permits. 

If you have questions about the ordinances above or would like to request an inspection please call the Fire Prevention Office at (603)757-1863.

To obtain a burn permit, no application or fee is required, but you must come into either station location: Central Station located at 31 Vernon Street or Station 2 located at 110 Hastings Ave.  If you wish to obtain a burn permit but are not the owner of the property you will need to provide a signed permission slip from the property owner before a burn permit will be issued.

Please contact the department with questions, comments or concerns.  603-357-9861.