Fuel/Eversource Energy Assistance

Southwestern Community Services - 352-7512 x 4124
63 Community Way  Keene, NH  03431

  • Provides help with fuel and electrical assistance. 
  • Weatherization program available for low income families.

SCS Fuel Assistance Program Begins Scheduling Appointments

SCS Energy Services will begin scheduling appointments for Fuel Assistance in August for priority groups (elderly, disabled, and those with children 5 and under).  The general public can begin calling to schedule their September appointments at that time as well.  We will be completing outreach in severl towns around the region in September and October.  Please contact us for more information.

We also continue to complete applications for Electric Assistance and Neighbor Helping Neighbor.

Households are strongly encouraged to make an appointment if they find themselves needing fuel or electric assistance.  We do not want any funding information throughout the heating season to deter households from applying.  Please encourage anyone who might be in need to schedule an appointment.

SCS Energy Services can be reached in the Keene office at (603) 352-7512 and in the Claremont office at (603) 542-9528.  Please call for an appointment.

If your electricity has been disconnected by Eversource Energy, they are now requiring:
1.  You must make a payment agreement with Eversource     
2.  You must send in a cash payment to EVERSOURCE ENERGY, in the dollar $$ amount of your new
     payment agreement, in addition to any assistance you may receive from a municipality.

Please make a payment agreement with Eversource Energy BEFORE your electricity is turned off!!
Please note:  If you have made a payment agreement, and break that agreement, EVERSOURCE ENERGY will shut off your electricity without notice.

Eversource Energy  Extended Payment Arrangement Plan!
To Reach Eversource Energy Website Click Here.