Keene’s Vision for the Future

Keene, in 2028, is the best community in America. Our city is vibrant, dynamic, beautiful, and functional. Our community consists of engaged, diverse, multicultural, dedicated, caring, and respectful citizenry supported by a strong and clear vision for the future, open and accessible leadership, collaborative relationships, and ongoing civic dialogue.

In 2028, we have strategically managed our community's physical growth, maintaining its small-town character and friendly and inviting atmosphere, while simultaneously fostering our cultural and artistic identity. By successfully managing our physical growth we have created a city that is livable and accessible to all residents. Our built environment consists of mixed-use development and appropriate density within the city limits; public gathering spaces that allow for interaction between people; well-designed, safe, and maintained neighborhoods with affordable housing and neighborhood amenities; clean and efficient public transportation that connects us to our community, the region, and beyond; pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure that is present throughout our community and that places import on people rather than automobiles; and a well-developed trail system that provides connections between neighborhoods, open spaces, and other communities while simultaneously supporting a healthy lifestyle.

In 2028, people that live in and visit Keene are drawn to our affability and the personable interactions that our community nurtures. We enjoy abundant opportunities to partake in community and cultural events and support our arts and heritage. We enjoy our natural areas, parks, and open spaces that are characteristic of the spirit and landscape of the Monadnock Region. We recognize the role Keene plays in the continued success of the region and we welcome meaningful participation from everyone, including those in surrounding communities.

In 2028, our city continues to grow economically. Our dynamic economy is diversified, innovative, and entrepreneurial, producing abundant business opportunities and living wage jobs. We lead the region in environmental protection, resource conservation, renewable energy, clean industry, and sustainable development. As such, our community is a destination for people from all over the world.

We understand our impacts upon, and responsibilities to, others. We have created a community that supports the health, safety and wellness of our citizenry. We have cultivated an ethic of lifelong learning and provided a well-rounded, broad-based education from kindergarten through college. Our caring, combined with a strong sense of citizenship, creates positive change in our community, across the Monadnock Region, throughout the State of New Hampshire and around the world.