Responsibility for Implementation

The State of New Hampshire gives the authority to review, update and implement a master plan to the Planning Board. Because Keene’s Master Plan has been developed through a broad participatory process and because its successful implementation depends upon the continuing engagement of citizens and organizations in a variety of sectors, it is in the best interest of the community to explore the creation of a master plan implementation process. This process should have broad representation from various stakeholders throughout the community and provide a dedicated forum for reviewing, coordinating and identifying progress throughout the community in executing the goals and strategies outlined in this plan. As implementation occurs and successes are made, this process likely will prove invaluable to future community master plan updates.

One possible vehicle for this process would be for the joint monthly meetings of the City Council Planning, Licenses and Development Committee and Planning Board to serve as a forum for a series of public presentations and discussions regarding plan implementation. At these sessions, relevant stakeholder groups – including city staff, boards and commissions as well as a variety of nongovernmental organizations focused on specific areas covered by this plan – could present updates about their work as it relates to plan implementation.