Active Well-being

As our population ages, we should be working towards the creation of a community that integrates, not separates, all ages into the fabric of community life. This can be accomplished through changes to local land-use regulations to ensure the creation of mixed-use and mixed-income neighborhoods that will provide housing choice, support a high level of independence for children and seniors as well as allow seniors to age in place. Increased intergenerational opportunities for health care and recreation should also be provided and, when able, expanded (e.g., senior volunteer programs that interact with day-care facilities or after-school programs). We should explore the possibility of creating a new multi-generational community/senior center in a centrally located, walkable, transit-friendly location within our downtown area. A new community/senior center could be integrated into other facilities, such as a mixed-use development that includes housing, retail, commercial and/or institutional uses. These facilities could provide programming for seniors as well as opportunities for intergenerational interaction and support.