Green Building

In order for Keene to meet its goal to become a sustainable community and support the State’s Smart Growth Principles, buildings designed and built in the community must fall within the guidelines of this plan. Doing so will help foster a walkable mixed-use community by locating services, jobs, homes, arts and culture, and other community amenities within walking distance of each other. Buildings must strive to be healthy, efficient, safe and beautiful.


Buildings in Keene should be efficient and appropriately sized for their environment. They should be designed and built to last 100 years or more. Developers interested in Keene should take note that this community wants buildings that incorporate sustainable site and building design into their plans, and they should be willing to work with professionals in the sustainable design and construction fields.

It is strongly recommended that the city and community create and adopt its own standards for green building, create programs to educate developers on green building, and devise incentives to promote green building in areas of the community ripe for redevelopment.