Energy/Green Building Guidelines for Historic Buildings

Modern technologies and weatherization procedures allow significant improvements to buildings without compromising their historic value. With that said, it is important to strive for whole-building solutions that address each building’s unique situation in an intelligent, cost-effective and historically sensitive manner.

A program of education and technical assistance should be created that would guide developers and owners in implementing green and energy-saving improvements while also preserving, protecting and enhancing a building’s historical features. The program would also help property owners seek grants to perform these improvements.

A guidebook should be created that outlines the defining features of Keene’s historic areas, older neighborhoods, buildings, streetscapes, public spaces and landscaping. It should include guidelines on how to protect, restore, repair and maintain existing buildings and features, as well as how new development is designed to be sensitive to traditional designs. It should provide information about green building and ways to reduce environmental impacts that are specific to historic resources.