Housing in Keene is, and will remain, a fundamental challenge for the community as costs of community services continue to increase and Keene’s reliance on property taxes places a growing financial burden on residents and businesses. The community’s ability to improve upon its existing housing stock, create new housing opportunities across all incomes and lifestyles, balance the mix of rental and owner-occupied units, and meet sustainability and energy efficiency goals will continue to be a determining factor in Keene’s – and the region’s – health and prosperity. Overall, housing must be conveniently located, healthy, safe, and affordable.

Quality housing is vital to achieving a sustainable community because it:

  • Attracts and retains a skilled and educated workforce
  • Denotes strong and safe neighborhoods
  • Contributes to the region’s overall quality of life
  • Contributes to the community’s tax base
  • Reduces the community’s contribution to global climate change and uses resources efficiently