City Streets

The city has a policy to “dig the road once.” This means incorporating street trees, planting medians, burying utilities, and making infrastructure upgrades all at once, which saves money and time. The city should continue this policy into the future.

A few areas will require improvement as the city moves forward with street reconstruction projects. These include providing accessible curbs, ensuring that stormwater drainage is properly located and designed, and that sidewalk connections and crossings are placed in necessary and logical areas. Curbing is another part of road reconstruction that should be evaluated based upon location and need, balanced against the cost to provide this feature. In areas with on-street parking, curbing assists in stormwater management and keeps cars parked on the road, not on the grassed median between the sidewalk and roadway.

As part of the annual CIP process, city streets are evaluated via survey and prioritized for rehabilitation on a cost-effective basis.