Coordination between Code and Law Enforcement for Public Safety

Many in the community desire increased coordination between code and law enforcement. The community may want to consider the benefits of creating a Public Safety Program that creates and fosters this collaboration and coordination. Such a program can aid in establishing the concept of community-based law enforcement services, channeling the efforts of community, law enforcement, education, probation, prosecution, courts, and social services toward a common objective.

The goal of developing a Public Safety Program should be to find effective solutions to neighborhood concerns of crime, vandalism, juvenile delinquency, narcotics activity, and the general quality-of-life issues in the community. Through a progressive mix of services, interagency partnerships, and community support and cooperation, this program could regularly resolve many neighborhood issues before they require a law enforcement response. Other activities could include informational outreach to the community on public safety matters, conducting high-visibility patrols of community parks, facilities, neighborhoods, and the commercial and business areas, as well as coordinating and responding to requests for safety services and information. Initiatives that could be created and aligned through this effort include Community Watch and Neighborhood Associations.