Mixed Uses in Neighborhoods

Each of Keene’s neighborhoods should be encouraged to have a mix of uses, not only in the village activity centers, but also in range of housing choice and types. Single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, apartments, accessory dwelling units, small cottages, etc. – all should be considered for inclusion in Keene’s neighborhoods in a manner that fits each neighborhood's scale and density goals. Particular attention should be paid towards mixed uses downtown and in surrounding neighborhoods. The community’s land-use regulations need to be reviewed and updated to ensure that this strategy is achievable.

Neighborhood Public Amenities and Urban Design

Besides the creation of village activity centers, neighborhoods should have certain amenities available, such as community gardens, trails, parks, playgrounds, and bus stops for school buses and the City Express.

Design of streets, provision of street trees, neighborhood lighting, on-street parking, protection of historic buildings, creation of neighborhood historic districts, and improvement of the design of the facades of neighborhood businesses all contribute to the attractiveness of the community as a whole. These also spur redevelopment and investment by neighborhood property owners.