College Liaison Officer

College Liaison Officer, Bureau of Uniformed Patrol, Field Operations Division

With a purpose to improve police services to students, staff and faculty as well as provide for the needs of the off-campus college community, Keene State College funds one Keene Police Officer each year to serve as the College Liaison Officer (CLO).

The CLO is a full time certified Police Officer employed by the Keene Police Department and maintains an office at both the Keene Police Department and the Keene State College Department of Campus Safety. The CLO takes reports of crimes and investigates accordingly and spends much time in the field on foot, bicycle or motor patrol and networking with various groups and individuals. The CLO also strives to educate the college population on how to protect themselves and their property.

The CLO is available to take reports of all campus related crimes as well as answer any questions from students, staff, faculty, parents or the concerns of Keene residents.

The current CLO is Police Officer Matt Bomberg.  Officer Macie can be reached at the Keene Police Department at 603.357.9813 or at Keene State College at 603.358-2029 or by e-mail at

Safety Tips for Students:

  • Don't leave valuables unattended, either in your room, or on campus venues
  • Always lock your dorm room. (Even if you are going out just for a minute).
  • Always lock your vehicle, and do not leave valuables in plain sight.
  • Don't loan out your Identification Card, Keys, or Pass Keys
  • If you lose your ID card, report it
  • Never prop doors in Residential Halls or Academic buildings-Your friends are not the only people who will come in!
  • Always lock your bicycle to a fixed object. Lock both the front wheel and frame together. Get your bicycle registered with the City of Keene.
  • When walking at night, walk with a friend, and in well lit areas.
  • Avoid using outdoor teller machines, or machines located in secluded areas.
  • Report ALL suspicious activity or persons to police or campus safety right away

The Parents Role in Student Safety

  • Talk to your sons/daughters about their safety, as they go off to college.
  • Help them understand that safety involves partnership between officials and students. While KSC takes precautions to help students be safe, they can ultimately control their own safety through the daily choices they make.
  • Tell them you understand the need to make new friends, but caution them that first impressions are not always accurate. Do not leave new acquaintances in dorm rooms alone. Don't invite "first dates" back to their rooms.
  • Tell them you understand the private space their dorm room provides, but caution them not to leave valuables unattended, even in their rooms. Do not leave windows, and doors unlocked when they are not around.
  • Make an emergency plan together. Talk about different scenarios that could arise, and how to deal with them, i.e., who to call when they are afraid, how to get rid of a persistent date who doesn't know when to leave, what insurance papers do they have to bring to the hospital if transported.
  • Encourage them to use all the services the institution has to offer and to call the Department of Campus Safety with any questions or concerns they may have regarding their safety.
  • Help your sons/daughters create an inventory of items they bring with them to KSC, include serial numbers of electronics and bicycles, titles of CD's etc. Keep a copy at home as well as at school.
  • Mention the "little" things they can do to deter crime; closing blinds at night, keeping dorm rooms locked, keeping an inventory of property. If you do these things at home, you can demonstrate that you follow these guidelines as well. Knowing that you and your sons/daughters are on the same page regarding safe habits at home will encourage a safe lifestyle at school.