The Fall 2016 Leaf Collection Schedule is available here!

The City of Keene consists of over 126 miles of roadway, 56 miles of sidewalk and has over 5,000 catch basin drainage structures. These drain structures are identified with a yellow fish six feet away from where the basin is set. This yellow fish serves two purposes: one is to remind the public that water that enters these basins goes directly into the City’s watershed, so please do not pollute.  Secondly, during winter, we can locate these drain structures when they are covered with snow banks.

The Public Works Department Highway Division maintains the City of Keene’s infrastructure. The Highway Division operates on a sectional basis within the City. The City of Keene is divided into three sections.  One foreman with his crew, consisting of 1 Equipment Operator, 2 Truck Drivers and 1 Laborer provide all maintenance to roadways, roadsides, sidewalks and drainage within their section. Additionally, the Highway Division provides the grounds maintenance for Main Street, Downtown Proper. Maintenance involves installation and maintenance of perennial and annual gardens, sod replacement, general pruning and lawn maintenance of approximately 1.5 acres.

The Department’s Sign Shop is responsible for over 3,600 signs. Stop, Speed Limit, No Parking, and School Zone signs are just a few examples. The Sign Shop has begun to install the new retro-reflective signage mandated by the Federal Highway Administration. This six-year program will provide signage that provides much greater visibility in all types of weather.

The Highway Division believes that, by working together with you, our customers, we can continue to maintain the City of Keene to the best our ability, while increasing our level of service. With the City of Keene encompassing 34.7 square miles, we need your eyes to help identify any deficiencies in our City.  Please contact the Public Works Department, if you see concerns of the following nature::

  • Potholes.

  • Low hanging tree limbs.

  • Fallen trees or limbs in the Right-of-Way.

  • Sidewalk issues.

  • Any deficiency that you might see with the City’s infrastructure.

Other courses of action that residents could take that would assist the Highway division with its maintenance of the City of Keene are:

  • Catch Basin Drainage System:  If heavy rain is in the forecast please look for the yellow fish and rake off leaves or other debris.

  • Snow Removal:  Please do not place snow on the roadways or sidewalks as this delays our response time for Winter Operations.

The City of Keene, Public Works Department takes great pride in its work. The Department believes by working together it can continue to provide and increase the level of service for you, our customers.