What not to Flush

"Don't Flush That!" Public Service Announcement (PSA) about problems in the sewers.  Check This Out! 


This is a fun and informative video about things that get flushed down the toilet and create problems in our sanitary sewer system and Wastewater Treatment Plant.   
A while back, Keene High School teacher Jeremy VanDerKern of the Cheshire Career Center’s TV and Film Program was contacted to see if he and his students would be interested in helping to make a PSA.

We were looking for a fun way to get across an important message about things that get flushed into the sanitary sewers, block the flow, and create other problems with our sewer infrastructure.  Blocked sewers can cause raw sewage backups and overflows into homes and businesses and onto streets, private properties and surface waters.  The result can be environmental and health hazards, nuisance odors, and expensive cleanups and remedies for home and business owners and for the City of Keene.

Jeremy and his Digital Filmmaking students enthusiastically embraced the project.  I had already worked out alternate lyrics set to Bruce Springsteen’s “Pink Cadillac”, but the students conducted brainstorming sessions, put together a whole storyline, figured out what they wanted to capture on video, scouted locations, organized, filmed, edited, produced, and employed all of the myriad other planning and technical shills that I discovered are necessary when embarking on such a project.   The Filmmaking Team brought a lot of expertise and great attitudes to this project and showed a great work ethic.  They also produced an excellent PSA!

The PSA was unveiled at the 16th Annual EPA New England Pretreatment Coordinators' Workshop in Chelmsford, MA in late October and in front of the Keene City Council on November 20, 2014.  It will also air on Cheshire TV and has been forwarded through various State and regional agencies.  Hopefully the message will take hold and people will have fun learning about it!