Sign Shop

Keene Public Works Department - Sign Shop


Yes the City has its own sign maker and sign making shop, located at the 350 Marlboro St. facility. The shop fabricates, installs, and documents all of Keene’s roadside traffic signage. Today the sign making process enlists the help of computers, software and vinyl cutters to make our jobs more efficient and productive.

Presently we are in the process of updating all of our signage to meet ‘retro-reflectivity’ requirements set by the Federal Highway Administration. Basically, this will increase sign visibility at night, which is when more fatal accidents occur.

If you travel the streets of Keene you will observe the progress of the new sign installation throughout the City. Some examples of the new signage include: regulatory signs such as yield, stop, one way and do not enter; warning signs such as rotary, pedestrian x-ing, and yield ahead; also guide signs and street signs, just to name a few.

Please drive slower and heed their message. It will make Keene a safer place to drive and live.